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  1. ha, this reminds me the classical “the first Java exercise for beginning programmers”
    Is that how Little Bean started programming too?

  2. actually, I have a C question to ask…
    I am asked to write a program to find the largest float (NOT double) that C can handle. I am using visual C++ as compiler.
    qestion: does _finite(a-number) work for float? the prototype is _finite(double).
    If not, how can I check if a float is INF?

  3. C 啊,除了上学动过它,就压根没在业余生活里碰过,抱歉哪,对它的感觉已经是犹如童年的记忆一般了……

    也很久没做桌面的应用程序开发了,转到网上这个阵地来了 :)

  4. 5555555555555
    it’s OK.
    but, but, but, C is cute, why don’t you like it?


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